Técnicas de Persuasão Utilizadas em Campanhas de Comunicação da Netflix





Persuasão, Manipulação, Campanhas de Comunicação, Netflix


This study aimed to verify the use of persuasion and manipulation techniques in the communication advertising campaigns of the Netflix brand: One story away and We watched it all both launched in 2020. The analysis was based on three objectives: (a) to identify the persuasion techniques used; (b) to verify if manipulation techniques were also used and (c) to verify and compare the use of techniques common to the campaigns. To this end, the themes were theoretically framed, briefly characterizing Netflix, Robert Cialdini's six principles of persuasion (2021), other advertising persuasion techniques and the Sophistic fallacies. In order to identify the techniques of persuasion, we proceeded to the repetitive viewing of the selected campaigns through the YouTube platform, noting in a table the minute of each video to which corresponded the use of each technique. Subsequently, the techniques identified in both campaigns were compared, determining the common techniques. Regarding Cialdini's principles of persuasion, it was found that both campaigns use the principles of coherence and commitment; likeability/sympathy and scarcity. As for the other techniques of persuasion, it was concluded that ten of the sixteen identified are used in both campaigns, namely: alliteration, altercasting, emotion, hyperbole, influence of the media chosen in the interpretation, music, repetition, rhyme, rhythm and storytelling. Finally, it was verified that there is also the possibility that manipulation techniques have been used since three arguments were identified that were constituted using the formal fallacy of the consequent statement, two in One story away and one in We watched it all.




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Perpectuo Figueiredo, A. C., & Engrácio, H. . (2023). Técnicas de Persuasão Utilizadas em Campanhas de Comunicação da Netflix. Revista Comunicando, 12(1), e023004. https://doi.org/10.58050/comunicando.v12i1.307